Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sales Questions

Some floor plans can be altered. To find the answer for a specific model it is best to contact a Skyline retailer in your area. To find retailers in your area we have provided a retailer locator on this page.
here is a "Blue Book" for manufactured housing. Most public libraries have it on their shelves. It is called the "N.A.D.A. Guide to Manufactured Housing Appraisal.
At this time we do not build tag on rooms for existing homes. To add a room to your existing home it is necessary to contact a local carpenter.
The differences between the two are the codes in which they are built. Mobile homes were manufactured in the early 70's and conformed to local codes in force at the time. Manufactured homes are built to Federal HUD codes which in some cases are more stringent than local building codes.
The toll free number for our Corporate offices in Elkhart, IN is 1-800-348-7469 The mailing address is: Skyline Corporation P.O. Box 743 Elkhart, IN 46515-0743.
Skyline manufactures homes which are then sold through independent retailers. As such Skyline does not manufacture or sell garages. However most of the independent retailers do as an add on.
You will need to contact an appraiser in your area who works with manufactured homes or contact a dealer who works with trade-ins. You can also visit
For your convenience we have placed a retailer locater on our website. Simply enter your zip code and your search radius. The web page will return the retailers in your area. The locater is at
In the early 1990’s the Bonneville Power Administration, (BPA), in conjunction with the State of Oregon, tested and developed criteria for a more energy efficient home package. This package was named Super Good Sense. The Super Good Sense package included; R-21 insulation in the walls, R-38 insulation in the ceiling and R-33 Insulation in the floor. A mechanical ventilation system was required. Heat ducts, windows, exterior doors, and skylights had to meet more stringent criteria as well for the Super Good Sense standards. The standards of the new Energy Star homes were developed by incorporating many of the standards of the Super Good Sense.
Many of our independent retailers offer rent-to-own packages that may serve your needs. You can find a list of our retailers in your location by clicking on the "Locate A Retailer" button above.
Yes, Skyline products are available throughout Canada. For a list of Canadian retailers simply enter your postal code in to our retailer search. (Enter Canadian Postal Codes with format of XXX XXX).
Skyline only uses drywall made here in the USA.

Service Questions

Please visit the Institute for Building Technology and Safetys website. This issue is addressed at: Click Here for IBTS website.
Yes, Most manuals are available at:
Yes, They are available at:
Yes, They are available at:
Check the battery, if OK check 110V. If one or the other fails the smoke alarm will beep to let you know one is not functioning.
Most doors and windows are available at your local hardware store such as Lowes or Home Depot.
Information regarding polybutylene plumbing may be obtained at
Skyline is a new home manufacturer and as such we are not licensed for remodeling. It is best to contact a local carpenter.
The serial number is normally in the master bedroom closet. There will be a piece of paper adhered to the wall of the closet. You will recognize it as the paper has a drawing of the USA on it. The serial number is on that paper. Other locations for the paper would be on the inside of a kitchen cabinet. If the paper has been removed you can find the serial number stamped in to the frame next to where the hitch is or was.
GE has a website that will provide the answer regarding your dishwasher. That website is
Skyline Corporation is concerned about the safety of our customers and wants to provide this useful information regarding formaldehyde usage in the products we build. Formaldehyde is a chemical found in many products used to build residential and commercial structures. Depending upon various factors, formaldehyde may be emitted into the air of all commercial and residential structures including manufactured housing and recreational vehicles. Formaldehyde is also present in the outdoor air. Numerous consumer products and industrial processes such as particle board furniture, dry cleaning, permanent press fabrics, beauty supply products including nail polish, deodorants and shampoo, paint and many other products use or contain formaldehyde. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulates the building of manufactured homes. HUD has established standards regulating the levels of formaldehyde which may be emitted from building products used in constructing manufactured housing. Skyline complies with these regulations and uses only products which either contain no formaldehyde or are certified by their manufacturer as emitting levels within those permitted by the HUD Standards. These regulations also require that our homes contain an Important Health Notice that is affixed to the kitchen counter of every home manufactured and is repeated in the Homeowner Manual. Prior to January 1, 2008, recreational vehicles did not require the use of low-emitting formaldehyde products. However, Skyline has voluntarily used them for many years since low-emitting products were available in the marketplace. The level of formaldehyde in the indoor air of any home, building, or rv is dependent in large part upon temperature, humidity and ventilation. Proper ventilation will improve air quality, while closing up a home or rv or using inadequate ventilation can result in poor air quality. The level of formaldehyde also dissipates over time.
Yes, GE has an online service option at